Tarot Serie – 8-The Justice


3″ black mini CDr comes in a mini DVD case with tri-folded booklet.

The booklet contains an explanation of ‘The Justice’, which was written by Marco Grosso and read by Troy Southgate in audio on track 4.

Limited to 30 copies.

‘The Justice’ is the eighth of 22 releases containing all the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The complete collection will be enriched by an audiobook and bonus material in paper format.

Label:Invisible Eye Productions[Italy]
Release Date:2009
Title:Tarot Series
Format:mini CDr Compilation
Price:Out of order

1-Koldvoid/Equilibrium 4:22
2-The Elysium Facade/Reason Or Natural Force 4:18
3-Exportion/Chronicle 11:02