The work of exportion is depiction of a scene made with the space element of the sound and the sight element of the films.

The sound source gained in this work in September from August, 2009, and it is produced the sound that I used on collaboration that live broadcasting lasting for three times with exportion and contemporary dancer reina and koma for the cause.

This work created field recording in the town where we live in and the mixture of various electoronic sounds collected.

The collaboration started to July.
sounds materials colected in suburbs of Tokyo where we live in for two months from May, 2009.

Work with four inspiration as form was performed on production.

A sound source put in this work was live broadcasting, and a re-master ring mixed the loop of the sound that It used again, and it was made.

Release Date:2011


[Track list]

01 – scene001 8:43
02 – scene002 5:47
03 – scene003 4:40
04 – scene004 6:33
05 – scene005 5:59
06 – scene006 6:43


[Movie works]