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Exportion is group of artists,videographer painter and musicographer.

Formed in 2008 by videographer painter Yuki Izumi and musicographer Takahisa Hirao.

Together, they take a dual, audio-video approach through recordings and live performances that incorporate environmental sounds, instrumental music, electronica and human voice as well as various painting mediums, photography and video.

Through their design and music contributions, they have played an active part in numerous sound projects, art exhibitions, dance and other stage performances, and films to date.

Since 2012, the duo began welcoming new members from diverse musical and visual backgrounds, all of who are free to collaborate or not collaborate on any given project so as to further enhance Exportion’s organic, “no fluff” approach. In doing so, the collective has been able to further defy genres and be more flexible in its pursuits, adapting its live performances to cover a wide array of themes and stage venues.


Yuki Izumi/Media artist,Painter


Takahisa Hirao/Sound artist


Kaoru Ohara/Sound artist


Yusuke Koyama/Sound artist