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作品「Outer Of Blue Field」について

作品『Outer Of Blue Field』は『地球』をテーマに描いた絵画作品の為に作られた音響作品です。

まず始めに、「なぜ地球?」 みたいな事を話すと、これはもちろん自分の中に最近芽生えた疑問や興味、感じている事が発想のもとになっているのですが、それというのは何かと言うと、数年前ではあり得なかった事が、テクノロジーの進化によって可能になっていたり、今まで先送り、曖昧だった様々な問題がはっきりと浮き彫りになっていたり、気づけば急速に変化して行く環境に対して今一度、自分が暮らす地球という惑星という物を考え、表現して描いてみたかったというのが制作の動機になっています。

もう一つ今回の制作にあたって『Forth』という言葉が私たちの共通のコンセプトになっています。「前へ」、「見える所へ」、「外へ」みたいな意味があるのですが、上記に書いた自然環境の著しい変化、急速な科学の発展にともなう人類の在り方の変容、それがAIや機械との融合による肉体の変化なのか、もっと意識的な肉体を捨ててのバーチャル世界への移住なのか、地球から宇宙へと旅立つのか?何かしらの形で「forth comming」的にやってくる未来への選択、それが希望であるのか、絶望であるのかは、今はまだわからないけれど、曖昧の象徴であるかのような『post』時代は終焉をむかえて新たな時代が始まろうとしているのかもしれません。




Yuki Izumi

The work “Outer Of Blue Field” is an acoustic work created for paintings depicting “Earth” as a theme.
First of all, why “the earth”?
Talking things like something, of course this is the origin of the idea, the interest, the feeling I have recently sprouted in myself
So what is that, what you could not possibly be a couple of years. We made everything possible by the evolution of technology, and the various problems that have been postponed and ambiguous have been clearly highlighted or noticed Against rapidly changing environment It is motivation for production that we wanted to think and describe and describe the Earth where we live once again.
In another production of this time the word “Forth” is our common concept, there is a meaning like “to the front”, “to see it”, “to go out”, but to write above Significant changes in the natural environment, the transformation of human beings accompanying the rapid development of science, whether it is a physical change due to fusion with AI and machinery, immigration to the virtual world by abandoning more conscious physical body or leaving from the earth to space?
I do not yet know whether it is hope or despair whether it is a choice for the future coming.”post” era as if it is a symbol of ambiguity is a new era Per.haps the era is about to begin.
The work itself may be enjoyed purely as a sound work, painting work,
I think that it would be exhausted as a writer as it would be if you could feel a message.
Please enjoy each track with one piece of painting work attached.
The first “Void” is download Free for viewing.
Of course, all songs can be viewed, so I’d appreciate it if you can listen full.
And if you sympathize Please support us for our future activities in the form of purchase,buy works, link share or any ways, we need your help.
Thanks and see you next work.


Release Date :20.June.2018
Title:Outer Of Blue Field

Sound Design:Takahisa Hirao
Art Work Design:Yuki Izumi
Painting:Yuki Izumi


【Track list】

1.Void 07:20
2.Core 05:41
3.Lithosphere 10:58
4.Atmosphere 02:44
5.Apollo Program 05:08









■Apollo Program